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From time to time, we all experience tragedy and other life circumstances that devastate and distraught us. This affects our enthusiasm, productivity, relationships, our spirits and eventually our bodies. I know this because I have been there, like a lotus surrounded by grime and mud. In the midst of it all, we have to find a way to recover, rebuild and reset.
On our wholeness journeys, we need first to learn how the mind influences our lives’ outputs. Following the lotus parallel, we can choose to rise above the chaos, murky situations, adversities, and suffering. Thriving and blooming beautifully regardless of our environments.

In this book, I share my journey on how I began life afresh after some of the most turbulent phases I had ever experienced. I share how I achieved and maintained a fit body and a sound mind, to the best of my ability, while using the Mind-Body approach.

This book is also my attempt to encourage someone, using my personal experiences and my wellness and fitness ethos, to attain a better and fulfilled life all-round.

As we pay attention to our general wellbeing through physical exercises, mental exercises, self-awareness, decent beauty routines and healthy eating, all-encompassing wellness becomes a given.